About the Stuart Expedition™

The Challenge

To traverse the great untamed heartland of Australia covering 3500 kilometres in 150 days by the best efforts of man and beast.

The Stuart Expedition™ team of wounded veteran servicemen and women will complete the arduous 3500 kilometre journey across central Australia on horseback. Working as a team, personnel from three continents will plan and execute a feat that has only been successfully completed once. The team will be carrying their supplies and sleeping in the wilds with only the stars to protect them, just as Stuart and his team did 150 years ago.

The route navigated by Stuart passes many of the most beautiful and ancient sites in Australia. Working closely with Australian and Canadian charities, and with the support of our sponsors and fundraisers the Team aims to complete the journey in under 150 days.

Through personal strength, team effort and relentless commitment the Stuart Expedition™ aims to instill confidence and educate participants in horsemanship, bushcraft, anthropology, geography and history in order to facilitate a transition into a meaningful and rewarding future career.

The Route

The Stuart Expedition™ retraces the pioneering route of John McDouall Stuart through the harsh and unforgiving terrain of central Australia. In 1861 Stuart and his team set off from Adelaide in an attempt to establish communication routes with the north western town of Darwin.

The Expedition relied on natural springs, homesteader’s hospitality and Stuart’s navigational instinct and skill to plot their path. The route established by Stuart and his team set the conditions for the first Australia overland telegraph, train and trade route acting as a catalyst to nationwide prosperity.

R.R. Knuckey who worked on the construction of the Overland Telegraph said of Stuart: “He was simply a marvel for horseback traverse. His map was so correct that we used simply to put a protractor and a scale on it, get the bearing and distance, and ride with the same confidence as we would a ride from Adelaide to Gawler.”

An often unsung hero of Australian British history, the Stuart Expedition™ intends to relive and retell Stuart’s epic journey of self discovery, personal triumph and adventure.

The Stuart Expedition™ is unique in what it
stands for, its approach to life and the
opportunities it provides to its beneficiaries
and supporters.

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