Back Out There™

The charity behind the Stuart Expedition™ is unique in that it is a charity set up by Soldiers to support those in wider society who, through no fault of their own, have experienced an unavoidable set back in life to get “Back Out There”.

Back Out There™ is a non-profit organisation and registered charity providing employment for wounded, injured and sick (WIS) veteransl. It aims to give WIS personnel a renewed and reinvigorated purpose in life. Many of these people will have to endure years of recovery both physically and psychologically. Mainstream employment is not always the best choice and so Back Out There™ offers a transitional employment option, building life skills, confidence and a renewed purpose within a hybrid military-civil environment.

The Stuart Expedition™ is being planned, resourced, supported and manned by wounded service personnel.

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The Stuart Expedition™ is unique in what it
stands for, its approach to life and the
opportunities it provides to its beneficiaries
and supporters.

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